Lorelle Obituaries

WOW. I get these death notices by subscribing to Google Alerts, but until I put them on this page I had no idea so many Lorelles are born in March! My own birthday is the Ides of March. Too weird.

Lorelle Anderson, 95, of Portland, TN
May 28, 1918 to Jan. 20, 2014
Published obits: portlandleader.net | tennessean.com

Lorelle Murray Wise of Washington, DC
March 20, 1921 to October 17, 2013
Death notice: Legacy.com

Patsy Lorelle Reed Hardin of Gainesville, TX
March 13, 1938 to October 23, 2013
Published obits: Denton Record Chronicle

Lorelle Floyd of Monterey, TN
died Oct. 22, 2013 (age 71)
Death notice: Legacy.com

Lorelle Rose Schan (Johnson) Of Climax, MI
died July 3, 2013
Death notice: Legacy.com

Lorelle Lamb Verges of Louisiana
March _, 19__ to December 19, 2012 (age 82)
Published obits: Nola.com